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Hema Dhavan

Hello Sir,
I have attended a lot of workshops / seminars but this was an Amazing experience which totally changed my mindset towards life. I can now understand why we do what we do & now I have achieved what I wanted after your workshop.

Thank u so much

Shrikant Chittal

When i attend first workshop, i was having big confusion regarding positive and negative thoughts, after readings so many books and attend so many programmes, I can't find a solution for the how to be gets positive thoughts in our mind. But after attending your program, i find how simply you describe mind power. you are just great teacher to give us this vast knowdlege in very very simple way. i am heading toword success by using tool teach by you. thanks will attend this program again and again.

Vipul Jaywant
Tata Hitachi/ Vira Berverages/ Digital Brand Vipul.

I like the most in the workshop is how to break belief and visualization technique most. His communication is nice, knowledgeable, skilled and systemic.

Nirav Mehta
Service- Shapoorji Palanji

Smooth flow of events. Like technique of “Think How it will happen”.

Shripad Kapre
Marketing Head- Honeywell

I like meditation technique, Course material & communication of Mr Atul Lathia. I felt very good today. I will repeat the course “Dream to Destiny” again!

Rekha Agarwal
Business- Fashion Designer

I started to write gratitude what I learned from last session and it change my life, my relationship, mental peace has been improved and I am living my life with full of energetic.

Bhavini Chheda
House Wife

“Dream to Destiny” workshop is very much valuable, Trainer Atul Lathia has very clear speech & very much clear in concept explained very difficult topic in very easily with simple explanation.

Pooja Panchal
Meditation Centre

Some one has given me contact of Atul Lathia to me & I have called more than 40 calls to Atul Lathia for my personal guidance within 4 days and he answered and pickup my call every time & guide me without irritation with full of satisfaction even I don’t know him. This help me a lot and I decide to attend this workshop with my 4 friends and my experience was awesome! I decide to conduct this workshop in my meditation group for 2000 people. I have no words to describe my feelings! Thank you so much Atul Bhai.

Shrikant Chittal
Business- Matoshri Ceramics

This is my fourth workshop, I am always taking something new knowledge from here and trying to apply in my life. I feel what I want I got every time from the workshop and change my level of thinking. Atul Lathia is fantastic/energetic& always gives more than 100%.

Vikas Bandre

My life has transformed in last 1& 1/2 year .This is my 9th session I have attended and your every session is very important and interesting. I have been observing a new reality each time!

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