My personal experience of self discipline is ” I did what i know needs to be done,even when i don’t want to do ” So i learned biggest lesson in life that by delaying or procrastinating nothing is going to happen,no other way is there or no one can do it for me ! You know the biggest barrier in the road of our progress is our laziness and  later it becomes our habit. I would like to share you some example of great people from whom i learned.

1.Mahatma Gandhi for self control and simplicity
2.Bill gates for reading avg 80 books per year
3.Mary com for education of  boxing and her dedication in very poor condition of family.
4. Akshay kumar for early sleep and early wake up and diet control
5. John Abraham for his work out in gym everyday
6. Narendra Modi for rest less work.
7. Zakir Husain for everyday early morning riyaz
8. Usain bolt for his hard running practice everyday ,
9. Amitabh Bachhan for  love and passion towards his work

This list is end less… but lesson from these celebrities are very important that  they are self driven . you can’t on the top of the world without self discipline . We all have same 24 hrs as these people has, but you can only make use of your time effectively when you take charge of your life , control your bad habits , decide your priorities and take continuous actions towards it.

Here i shall give you some  point which help you to develop self discipline

1.Control your desire and impulses which  is opposite in the direction of your goal.
2. Prioritize your highest value task and activity and focus on them
3. Eliminate all distraction
4.Track your progress and keep your self accountable
5.Have a 5 people around you which are more disciplined in their life ( like attracts like)
6. Self-discipline needs fuel, and that fuel comes from learning , from inspiration and motivation so make continuous education plan throughout the year.
7. Reward your self for even your small  achievement.

Have a nice day
Atul Lathia
Live with passionate dream !