Hello my dear mom & dad, I want one help from you! Can you both please come & attend this program for my bright future? So you can make me a smart child by knowing these principals?

All the parents in this planet wants to make their child Genius, but before that, first condition is the parents should become Genius first! This concept of parenting teaches you all the secret principal of successful parenting to bring hidden potential from your child to make his future the way you want!

Who should attend?

  • Couples who are planning to have a child
  • Women who are already pregnant
  • Parents having children up to 30 years
  • Teachers, principals, Guardian & child care taker
  • All individuals who wish to contribute towards and development of the children

Key benefits

  • You will learn how to connect , closer & understand better
  • Mentoring your child to become leader & successful in his life
  • Learn to create healthy & growing environment for your child
  • You can manage your child’s fears & phobias for exam
  • Improves your and teens relationship & communication
  • Understands child physiology & guide them well
  • Develop healthy self-esteem in your child
  • Understand the talent & weakness of your child and treat accordingly
  • You chose your words wisely as you know the power of it!
  • Can become role model to society as a successful parents!

Duration: 3 hrs. To 10 hrs.