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Power of SubConscious Mind

We have two types of mind-conscious and subconscious mind. Our conscious mind has 10% powers and subconscious mind has 90% powers. If we can do programming of our subconscious mind scientifically, it has power to convert our desires and goals to reality. Between our conscious state and sleep there is a most important state of mind which is called Alfa state of mind. (Subconscious activated state). During Alfa state our conscious mind is ready to accept our commands and starts working on it. By learning how to go into Alfa state when desire and to programmed our sub conscious mind we can get lots of benefits and it helps us to convert our dreams into reality! This workshop is all about practically using our subconscious mind through various mind control technique.

Workshop Duration

Total Learning Hours


1 full day   (10 to 12 hrs.)

2 full day   (20 to 24 hrs.)


Who can attend this workshop?

Age Group

Anyone from 10 years to 110 years!

Workshop Timing

Are you ready to transform your life?

Workshop Timings

08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Why to attend this course

This workshop can help you to re-program of your mind and you live for stress free life! (As you understand the cause and effect of your thought and you change it the way you want) After attending workshop you will be transform your life to……

What Client’s Say

Hello Sir,
I have attended a lot of workshops / seminars but this was an Amazing experience which totally changed my mindset towards life. I can now understand why we do what we do & now I have achieved what I wanted after your workshop.

Thank u so much

Hema Dhavan, Beautician
When i attend first workshop, i was having big confusion regarding positive and negative thoughts, after readings so many books and attend so many programmes, I can’t find a solution for the how to be gets positive thoughts in our mind. But after attending your program, i find how simply you describe mind power. you are just great teacher to give us this vast knowdlege in very very simple way. i am heading toword success by using tool teach by you. thanks will attend this program again and again.
Shrikant Chittal, Businessman