When men start to thinking about any thing, he spend most of the time thinking about negative situation and failure unconsciously. He start his self talk like,”What will happen if i fail?, what will be my future as uncertainity are always there. If people dont support me, I have no idea how to make more money, I feared about most of the time for my health. This list can be long and many many imaginary and unreal thoughts generate in our mind everyday without our permission. So to get rid from unwanted thinking we must first understand out nature of mind.

Nature of mind is thinking. If you dont think positive deleberately and consciously,your mind will start thinking negatively automatically. It is just as easy toimagine yourself auccessful, as it is to imagine failure. When the world said,”It is impossible. It cant be done,” the man with imagination said,” It is done”. This is the greatest secret of life. Stop worrying about anything you feared or problems of your life , in this way you only misguide your mind , harm your faith and loose your confidence. Instead of worrying engage your mind on your goal or objective, or possible thinking . In this way you will start generating positive feeling and new mental reality of possibility and success! Busy your mind with the concept of harmony,health,peace,and good will, and the wonders will happen in your life.

Never finish a negative statement; reverse it immideately, and miracles will happen in your life! Remember every thought is a cause and every condition is an effect of cause. Change your thought and change your destiny. Find out what you love to do and then do it . If you dont know the “how”, ask for guidance through prayer and the help will come from your subconscious mind. The infinite intelligence within your sub conscious mind can reveal to everything you need to know at every moment of time and point of space provided, you are open minded and receptive.